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AURA is Sitowise’s presentation technology service for visualizing both small and large projects, such as road, bridge and urban development plans. We updated the graphical user interface and created a new brand for the service.


AURA is Sitowise’s presentation technology service which is a tool used for illustrating different type of urban projects. The presentation models are created using the latest game engine technology that enables seamless production of virtual, augmented and mixed realities. 

The models can be easily converted to other presentation material, such as video, 360-video and different types of renderings. The 3D material is prepared by using simulations of aspects such as various weather conditions, mobile networks, traffic or air quality, depending on the individual needs of the customer.

All UI-elements and panels have a darkened and opaque background balancing usability and not blocking the environment visibility.

Time & date setting was inspired by mobile application conventions.

The application’s seldomly used top menu and view settings are placed on the right hand side while the more often used tools are on a separate always visible tool panel.


The user interface for Aura is an on-going co-design process inside Sitowise’s Smart City business and Sitowise Poland. Key elements in the UI renewal were in modernizing and streamlining the workflow for a logical and smoother user experience. Special care was taken in tackling the problem of having multiple information and tool panels open simultaneously, whilst not blocking the environment visibility.

A new brand “Aura” was created along a visual product brand identity continuing Sitowise’s Louhi and Aino product brands. Inspired by the previous work, the company color pattern and Aura service’s game like limitless possibilities the logo turned into the shape of an aura full of color.

User experience and user interface services:

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