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Kultarinta is a light art project in Kruunuvuorenranta Helsinki inspired by the bird Kultarinta (Hippolais icterina) - a protected bird species living in a nearby nature conservation area. 


The art piece consists of two different bronze sculptures. One is a flock of birds sitting on a perch on top of the entry in the backyard of the building. And the other is a lonely bird by itself on the corner of the buildings street façade. As day turns to evening, the sculptures are lit with small spotlights that highlight the birds chest. In addition, on the backyard façade, a flying bird flock is projected as a shadow pattern vertically on the façade surface.

Inspired by the result of the light art project the client decided to change the name of the building to Kultarinta aswell. 

Gobo light projectors are placed on a pole on the yard.

The pattern is projected to the wall by three separate gobo discs.

At night time the sculpture becomes alive with the flying bird flock.


The form of the bird sculpture was carefully researched through sketching and clay work. The birds' size and placing heights were prototyped with mockups. The project was a joint effort of a team consisting of a lighting designer, a landscape architect and industrial designers. 



" Exceptionally successful, high quality and sympathetic "
-Client’s project team



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