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Passion for sustainable urban development has taken our team all over Finland - this time the city of Oulu. Take a look at how Oulu Campus Linnanmaa -district could develop in the future. The dynamics of the campus requires a sustainable traffic solution with emphasis on public transport, cycling and walking. It is also the enabler for urban renewal - densification of housing, jobs and services.


Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju district and the campus complex were built in the 1970’s and are located 7km north from the city centre. Oulu Campus Linnanmaa has plans to house Oulu University as well as Oulu University of Applied Sciences which means up to 20000 students studying at the campus. Green areas and waterfronts are attractions from a residential point of view. Existing building stock and heritage was one of the elements guiding the design work.


The campus has a distinct architectural character, but lacks in connections to its surroundings. It’s time to take the district to the next level. New mixed use development consist of additional housing, office spaces, campus and learning environments, research and laboratory facilities as well as public and private services.

Intensified landuse means more residents, students and jobs, which calls for a fast and reliable public transport solution connecting Linnanmaa-Kaijonharju to the city center. This can be achieved by bus service in the first stage and later by a fast tram line. Car dominance will be replaced with emphasis on cycling and pedestrian areas.

“Oulu City Strategy 2026 focuses on innovation and growth in a global context as well as northern culture and nature. This urban renewal project is in line with these themes.” (Kari Nykänen, Head of Urban Planning, City of Oulu)

Oulu Campus Linnanmaa is the beating heart of the district


Produced together with Voodoo Associates Ltd (concept design) and Graphroot Ltd (visualization of main car free zone)

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Kirsi Rantama
Urban Design, Architecture
Ulla Kuitunen
Head of Department, Urban Design
Urban Design, Architecture