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Mikkeli Market Square guidebook is a brochure that is made to promote the historical market square as a location but also providing the instructions and ideas for people who are considering starting a business there.


We made together with the city of Mikkeli brochure-like guidebook for the historical market square in Mikkeli – visioning the future of it and to give guidance. It is made to help anyone who is considering starting a business there. It provides information what to do and who to contact, made to the understandable visualized processes. The guidebook also gives general instructions for the furniture style and colors, to keep the overall look suitable for the location. The goal was to give ideas and direction of what is allowed there an what should be thought trough when bringing up never seen before ideas there. And even so the city of Mikkeli is very open about taking into a consideration any kind of new ideas.

Mikkeli market square and the surrounding historical environment.


How to get started -process for traditional market sales.

Guidance for the market square furniture and colors for stallholders.


How to get started -process for restaurants and coffee places 

Guidance for the market square furniture and colors for coffee and restaurant keepers.


How to get started -process for events and new ideas.


The black and white photo of the market square: Kyytinen Pekka, 1961, Museovirasto

Why cities should have guide books for certain locations?

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