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What would Helsinki be like with less cars? The city of Helsinki asked six major consultancies to share their ideas on what possibilities an underground traffic solution might provide in the city centre. Sitowise together with YIT provided a holistic solution for a pedestrian friendly, livable city centre backed up with highly professional traffic, geotechnical and real estate planning solutions.


Pedestrian and bike friendly streets and squares could create a consistent, walkable network in the city. The solution effectively links hot spots and destinations strengthening the identity of the diverse districts. This could lead to a culturally richer and globally more attractive city center.


The wide-ranging proposal takes into account street life as well as innovative underground traffic routes that enable it. Key issues of the proposition are:

  • Current urban trends
  • Various user groups and their needs
  • Displaying a new way of using urban space
  • Revealing technical solutions to underground road alignments

Many central districts of Helsinki could be more attractive business locations if turned into a more pedestrian friendly surrounding.

The changing streetscape could elevate our current lifestyles to a truly new level.


A pedestrian friendly city has many implications ranging from traffic safety and other health benefits to boosted economic and commercial opportunities.


Produced together with YIT, Suunnittelutoimisto Amerikka Oy (concept design) and Marker Creative Oy (graphic design)

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Kirsi Rantama
Urban Design, Architecture
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Head of Department, Urban Design
Urban Design, Architecture