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Verkkosaari area is located in Helsinki, north of the Kalasatama area and it continues downtown to Arabianranta. A digital twin on Verkkosaari was created based on a building information model and a compilation model. The goal was to visualize how streets, squares and buildings co-exist in the area.

Another goal was to combine the digital twin with building information of the surrounding city structure produced by the city of Helsinki. The digital twin was created with the game engine technology service AURA. With AURA the user can freely move around by walking, driving or flying and also examine for example the effects of natural light in the street areas.




Lighting simulator
  • Creating and developing better city areas and safety from dusk till dawn
  • Real-time design tool
  • Smart lighting simulator based on traffic
  • Luminous intensity, color temperature, RGB values, lighting energy calculations
  • IES value import service and testing in AURA
  • Creating light poles and effect lights


Transparent ground level: visual way of understanding the varied underground structures and their effects in street level constructions

Tree simulator

  • Real time tree design and planting tool where it is possible to examine collisions and substrate structures underground
  • Affects of the tree's aging to the environment and development. Aging slider for the trees from sampling to a full size tree



Animated structures and traffic

  • Experimenting how different pieces of furniture fit to the environment and traffic
  • Animated cars, bikers and pedestrians
  • Effects on visibility and safety


What and why to simulate:

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